Styrkeprøven Rett Vest Extreme

Styrkeprøven Rett Vest Extreme 60 km is a longer and extended version of the classic Styrkeproven Rett Vest 45 km trail with both races taking place on the western edge of Norway near the city of Bergen.

trail Description

From the BIR Gjenvinningstasjon Samnanger in the east to Kjøkkelvik Skole in the west this extra challenging and longer route stretches across the scenic Bergen peninsula both on and off the beaten track.

  1. The route starts with a climb to Raudnipa ( 5,5 km – 711 m.a.s.l ) and then on to Hananipa ( 9 km – 722 m.a.s.l ) offering sublime views in every direction.
  2. The trail then gradually descends to Gullbotn ( 15 km – 245 m.a.s.l ). This is where the Styrkeproven Rett Vest Extreme 60 km merges with the Styrkeproven Rett Vest 45 km race and  both races follow the same route to the finsish line at Kjokkelvik Skole.
  3. A big climb from Gullbotn take you to the highest point of the race Gullfjellstoppen ( 19,4 km – 987 m.a.s.l ) before descending ( following the blue waymarks ) to Redningshytten ( 23 km – 599 m.a.s.l ) and climbing again to Austlifjellet/Austlirinden ( 24,4 km – 808 ).
  4. Views are excellent as the narrow ( and often very wet ) trail undulates further towards Sletteggen ( 27,4 km – 745 m.a.s.l ) before dropping steeply towards Rambjorgvatnet ( 29,3 km – 474 m.a.s.l ) and climbing again on soggy terrain to the prominent Livarden peak ( 30,6 km – 683 m.a.s.l ).
  5. The descent from Livarden to the checkpoint/aid station at Unneland ( 33,1 km – 85 ) is rough, wet, slippery, muddy and very challenging on the legs.
  6. Arriving at Unneland checkpoint/aid station adding some fuel and calories can be very useful before the long and relentless climb up to Turnerhytten ( 38,4 km – 643 m.a.s.l ) on the Ulriken massif.
  7. The route now enters a more populated area but there are still hours of hard work ahead
  8. From Turnerhytten a long descent takes you down pass the Haukeland University Hospital and then to Danmarksplass ( 44 km – 20 m.a.s.l ) where you need to cross the main road through an underpass ( follow the blue markings on the tarmac ).
  9. From here there are still 3 mountain peaks to climb. First up is the summit of Løvstakken ,marked by a huge cairn, (  47,3 km – 477 ) offering sweeping views across the city of Bergen and beyond.
  10. The route then continues down to Melkeplassen/Bottom of Damsgårdsfjellet  ( 50,3 km – 151 m.a.s.l ) where you can appreciate the last refreshment station before entering the last section of the race.
  11. Damsgårdsfjellet ( 51,2 – 345 m.a.s.l ) is the shortest and perhaps «easiest« of all the climbs encountered so far and you can now sense that the finishing line is getting closer.
  12. After completing this «easier«segment you now enter some easy runnable tarmac again which takes you all the way to Banuren ( 54,8 km – 60 m.a.s.l ), which marks the beginning of the last and final climb up to the summit of Lyderhorn.

    The CUT-OFF time here at Banuren is at 8.30 pm ! You may need a headlamp before this last crossing.

  13. Breathtaking panorama views in all directions is the ultimate reward when you reach the summit of Lyderhorn ( 56,1 km – 386 m.a.s.l ). A very popular peak among many locals.
  14. You need to pay attention and be careful when you start descending from Lyderhorn as there are some steep and exposed sections to be negotiated on the first half of the downhill.
  15. Arriving at the finishing line at Kjokkelvik Skole you can relax and enjoy the good vibe and the sense of a great accomplishment  – 10 mountains and 60km in the bag!



60 km


  • Ascent: 4000 m
  • Descent: 4100 m


  1. Redningshytten 23 km, 599 m.a.s.l – water + saft
  2. Unneland 33,2 km, 85 m.a.s.l – coke + water + banana + various snacks
  3. Turnehytten 38,4 km 643 m.a.s.l – hot fruit soup
  4. Melkeplassen/Bottom of Damsgårdsfjellet 50,3 km , 151 m.a.s.l – coke + water + light snacks
  5. Kjokkelvik Skole/Finishing Line 57,6 km, 60 m.a.s.l – coke+water+ hot-dog + various snacks.


  • Redningshytten 23 km, 599 m.a.s.l : 10.30 am
  • Banuren 54,8 km , 60 m.a.s.l : 8.30 pm




BIR Gjenvinningsanlegg Samnanger ( GPS-link ).

All participants need to REGISTER here. You will then be given your Bib-number ( incl. pins ).

Start time: 6 am

Drop bag is possible and  will be transported to the finish line.

Only a very limited number of parking spots available at starting area.


Kjøkkelvik Skole ( Gps-link ).

Showers and changing rooms available.


  • 600,- NOK before August 1st.
  • 700,- NOK after August 1st.

Registration can be made at:

Price include refreshments at aid stations along the route, diploma and a SRV buff.

Technical SRV T-shirts (399,- NOK) can be purchased at the finishing area (VIPPS and cash accepted).


  • Backpack to carry equipment.
  • Clothing according to the weather
  • Whistle
  • Survival blanket
  • Windproof jacket
  • Food & drink
  • Fully charged mobile phone with pre-stored emergency number

In case of rain/inclement weather:

  • Waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof pants
  • Warm head cover
  • Gloves

There will be random equipment checks!

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