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Thank you for showing interest for Styrkeprøven Rett Vest.

2020 event runs August 29th 2020


  • You can choose to travel with our own buses from the Nesstun terminal to start location. Last bus departs 07.00 sharp.
  • The latest possible correspondence with the Bybanen from Byparken is 06.30 (Saturday / Sunday)
  • The latest city rail (Bybanen) from Bergen Airport to Nesstun terminal is 06.26 (Saturday / Sunday)
  • Buses run the Hardangervegen and Arnanipatunnelen, and you can board underways. Remember to be clearly visible at the bus stop.

You can choose to make your own transport to the start location. Latest arrival is 07.20. Parking is accessible at the start location. 


The start goes approx. 07.30 from the parking lot to the ski stadium at Gullbotten Turistheim.


When registering at EQTiming, you must register with your name, e-mail, mobile number, and confirm that you accept the declaration of responsibility. Remember to register the same mobile number that you are going to bring with you on the trip.

Along the way on the bus and at the starting area, the participants are each given their own start number which is equipped with their own chip. On this start number, the telephone number of the clerk is also noted, if it is desired to get in touch with the person in question.


We have created our own information map where the entire trail is drawn. It will be put up for sale at Platou Sport before the summer, at a cost of NOK 100.

In addition, you will find the map here on the homepage, see the trail description. (Norwegian only)


The footwear is the most important; Use what you usually use while hiking. Everything from sneakers to mountain boots can be used only if it is well entered and does not gnaw. Bring Compeed into your backpack for your safety and comfort.

You must wear wind and waterproof outerwear, warm cloth change in the backpack. Certainly hat and gloves as well.

Maps and compass are important. We distribute (so far the supply lasts) whistles at the start to those who dont already have this.

A simple rescue blanket (80 grams) is a reasonable insurance for yourself and for others.

We also recommend a headlamp if you think you want to spend a long time on the trip.

There will be control of the bag at the start. The organizers have the right to refuse you to start if they believe you do not have sufficient equipment in relation to expected weather conditions.

Unfortunately, there is no organized transport of equipment from start to finish.


Nutritious drinks are important along the way. Normally you find water in the terrain along the way, can be mixed with sports powder.

You get sports drinks at the checkpoint at Unneland, which is after the descent from Livarden.

At the control post at Turnerhytten you get TORO fruit soup.

Include what you need beyond this in your bag.


Everyone who completes gets our own great diploma with the trail profile signed.

Diploma also for dogs that stay on a leash all the way.


«Breathtaking» T-shirts and sweaters with the running profile printed on the chest are sold in the goal area.

We also have great training hat with reflex logo for sale in goals, NOK 50.


From the finish you can take a bus / taxi from the Vestkanten shopping mall.

Or you can arrange your own pickup. Finish is at Kjøkkelvik school, Kjøkkelvikveien 27. Many people make friends along the way and hitch a ride into town.


You must pass the Redningshytten (Rescue Cabin) on Gullfjellet no later than two and a half hours after the start (ie about 10.15 am). If you arrive at the rescue cabin after this time, you are considered to have completed the trip, and you must then go down the road at Osavatn.

Last start from Banuren up to last mountain (Lyderhorn) is at. 8.30 pm. Here we will also send over a rested person from the organizer who follows you.


If bad weather causes us to postpone the event on Saturday, we will attempt to arrange the tour at the same times on Sunday. This will only be settled on Gullbotten Saturday morning, so meet up even if you are in doubt.